5 Tips on Keeping Your Goats Healthy

Are you thinking of keeping goats in your home? This animal is both fun and very useful since they can help with landscaping and the provision of milk, meat, and skins. They are one of the hardiest animals among the domesticated animals. However, they require care to enhance their proper growth and development hence increasing productivity. Below are five tips on keeping your goats healthy:

1. Healthy feeding
A healthy diet for the goats consists of hay and grains such as bran, oats, and barley. The feeds that goats take should not be kept on the ground to prevent molds and insects from infecting or eating them. If it’s possible, you can store the feeds in waterproof trash cans to ensure that it is kept elevated and clean. Also, ensure that you give them adequate water. In case you are not able to determine what types of food you should give to your goat, ask for nutritional recommendations from a veterinarian.

2. Proper housing
Having a good shelter for your goats is vital in maintaining their health so they won’t be affected by either rains or strong winds that can bring about stress causing the low production of the animals. The shelter should be well ventilated to ensure that there is always fresh air. Find more tips here on housing.

3. Health Care
Just like other animals, goats need proper health care. Veterinary services are responsible for taking care of your animals’ health. They give different vaccines to the goats and also control parasites both internal by deworming and external ones by spraying the appropriate chemicals.

4. Goat exercise
You should help the goat to climb a lot. Goats love very much to climb objects that are available in the home. Some of the objects that an individual might have in his home is a seesaw. These simple constructs help the goats to balance and move up and down giving them plenty of exercise in many of the muscles in their bodies.

5. Hoof trimming
Goats also require hoof trimming to prevent foot rot. Rotting hooves can be due to a watery barn where they sleep. It is therefore advisable to ensure that the shelters they live are dry.

In conclusion, by following the tips mentioned above, you will make your goats healthy and productive hence attracting good prices when taken to the market. Other measures include dehorning the goats with long horns, grooming and also the removal of harmful substances that are contained in the feeds including ornamental plants and also those that belong to the Rhododendron family.