Benefits of Raising Goats

What are the reasons behind keeping goats? Whether you are a farming large or small animals, keeping goats is an excellent choice. They are good for milk, meat, fiber and much more. Below are some benefits of raising goats:

Milk production
Dairy goats produce a lot of milk if well maintained with proper feeds and other practices that give them good health. Usually, the milk can be for domestic purposes i.e. family or commercial use or even both depending on the quantity an individual gets. The milk can also be used in making some products e.g. goat cheese and goat yogurt.

Goats make manure
Research shows that manure from goats is ideal for fertilizing a field. On an average, each mature goat is supposed to produce approximately one ton of manure per year. This manure is a perfect source of nitrogen, potassium, potash and many other nutrients that are required by various crops grown on the farm.

Meat production
There are certain types of goats that are kept by different farmers for the purpose of producing meat. Normally, they are kept for commercial purposes although some farmers can also keep a few to consume at home. Since goats made for meat production do not require a lot of land for raising, it is economical to raise them since you will be able to get a lot of profits provided you have a ready market for the meat.

They produce fiber
Some types of goats produce fibers such as Angora. Pygora goats give mohair while the cashmere goats produce cashmere which are raw materials in some industries. Apart from being a raw material for industries, one can decide to use it at home. Traditionally, people have been using the skins as beddings for the family which is also practiced today by some people.

Goats are easy to keep and maintain

Goats are said to be hardy. Unlike other animals that are managed by individuals in their farms, goats require less maintenance regarding the feed they eat as well as health care. Goats feed on a range of grains including grass hence saving on the costs of buying feeds, unlike other animals that depend on one particular food.

In conclusion, other benefits exist which may not be so obvious, such as the clearing of land by eating weeds, as well as being a viable source of income to the farmers when sold. When you understand well the benefits of raising goat, you won’t hesitate to purchase some and take them for production at your farm!