How to Make a Profit Raising Goats

Running a farm is difficult, but you can make a living out of it if you have a great passion for animals and if you possess entrepreneurial skills. One way to utilize your farm profitably is by raising goats in it. The first thing you should do is to draw up your business plan. You can start by making a decision on what type of goats you want to rear.

Possible Options When it comes to Rearing Goats

  • Milk goats
    You can rear such goats them for milk and cheese. When choosing the best breed, you need to consider whether you are looking for milk quality or quantity. If you want volume, then the Saanens will be your best choice, but if you want to make cheese from goat milk, Nubians should be your goats of choice.
  • Meat goats
    If you will make peace with the fact of rearing an animal to end up killing it, then you can go for meat goats.
  • Show goats
    The other option is raising show goats. These tend to be expensive, high quality and have a strong genetic line.
  • Cashmere goats
    You can rear these and then sell their cashmere fur for a profit
  • Breeding goats
    You can venture into the business purposely for breeding. You can later sell your goats for a profit to farmers and hobbyists.

Choosing the Most Profitable Venture
All the above choices will help you make a profit especially if you are doing it for fun. Moreover, it is clear that in most cases, goat meat tends to be highly profitable and it serves a wider market. Goat meat is lean and rich in high-protein s. This quality makes it a favorite among many people. There’s plenty of resources online to compare your options.

Starting Off
Goats reared for their meat have a moderate price attached to them. This price takes into account the fact that most of them are feeders as opposed to grazers. Goats will feed to their fullest potential in a field that will starve a cow or a horse. However, you must ensure that you will choose the best breed, although this should not be a problem as there are a variety of choices. Second, ensure that you own a decent house for your goats, to keep them dry and away from the wind.

Marketing your Goat Meat

  • You can choose to be a distributor in restaurants
  • You can sell commercially to slaughter houses
  • You can sell live goats to ethnic buyers

Whatever option you use to make a profit by raising goats, it will be fun and rewarding. At the same time, it will be frustrating. You only need to stay focused in times of frustration.